Towards the preservation of the St. Lawrence’s biodiversity

In the light of its campaign Taking Data to the Next Level, SLGO is establishing an evolutive programmation extending until 2022, composed of themes linked with the UN Ocean Decade. Each theme will explore more deeply the interconnections between its field of activity and the challenges, innovations or opportunities, illustrating the crucial role of data in a better local and global understanding of the St. Lawrence ecosystem.

The protection of biodiversity is one of the priorities for lovers of the St. Lawrence. Whether you are informed citizens, marine professionals or scientists, you have certainly needed, produced or used data concerning the biodiversity of the St. Lawrence. Over the next few months, SLGO will be sharing  with you its tools, applications and advice to enhance the biodiversity data collected in the St. Lawrence (with a little novelty).

Follow us over the coming months to learn more and help enrich this portrait of the biodiversity of the St. Lawrence by responding to our calls for data.