We are sorry, the data centers for Fisheries and Oceans Canada are not available due to technical difficulties beyond our control.

Environmental Data Management System - EDMS - ISMER

In 2009 Québec-Océan (QO) and ISMER with help from the Maurice-Lamontagne Institute (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) launched an Oceanographic Data Management System (ODMS) inspired by thelatter’s in house database. The ODMS then evolved into the Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) so as to extend perennity and security to all types of environmental scientific data collections.

In parallel, data management policies were defined by QO and ISMER to better support data archiving and dissemination. A user friendly web portal was also developped in collaboration with the MLI and the St. Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO) in order to provide easy data access to the scientific community, government officials, non-governmental organisations and to the general public. Currently, the ISMER-EDMS is mostly used to archive hydrographic data:

  1. Salinity, temperature and pressure from CTD casts (Conductivity Temperature Depth).
  2. Visibility, fluorescence and turbidity respectively obtained from transmissometer, fluorometer and turbidity probes which can be coupled to CTD.
  3. Water current velocities measured by an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP).

While these archived data collections are associated with fixed instruments it is also possible to integrate data collected from towed or onboard instruments. EDMS’s data model is flexible enough to allow archiving of any environemental data type : plankton counts, chemical analysis results, etc.