EDMS Tables

412EIrradiance at 412 nmIrradiance at 412 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
412ESDEVIrradiance at 412 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 412 nm standard deviation [W/cm**2/nm]
412LRadiance at 412 mmRadiance at 412 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
412LSDEVRadiance at 412 nm standard deviationRadiance at 412 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
443EIrradiance at 443 nmIrradiance at 443 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
443ESDEVIrradiance at 443 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 443 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
443LRadiance at 443 nmRadiance at 443 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
443LSDEVRadiance at 443 nm standard deviationRadiance at 443 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
490EIrradiance at 490 nmIrradiance at 490 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
490ESDEVIrradiance at 490 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 490 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
490LRadiance at 490 nmRadiance at 490 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
490LSDEVRadiance at 490 nm standard deviationRadiance at 490 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
510EIrradiance at 510 nmIrradiance at 510 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
510ESDEVIrradiance at 510 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 510 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
510LRadiance at 510 nmRadiance at 510 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
510LSDEVRadiance at 510 nm standard deviationRadiance at 510 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
555EIrradiance at 555 nmIrradiance at 555 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
555ESDEVIrradiance at 555 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 555 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
555LIrradiance at 555 nmIrradiance at 555 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
555LSDEVIrradiance at 555 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 555 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
669EIrradiance at 669 nmIrradiance at 669 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
669ESDEVIrradiance at 669 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 669 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
669LRadiance at 669 nmRadiance at 669 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
669LSDEVRadiance at 669 nm standard deviationRadiance at 669 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
683EIrradiance at 683 nmIrradiance at 683 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
683ESDEVIrradiance at 683 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 683 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
683LRadiance at 683 nmRadiance at 683 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
683LSDEVRadiance at 683 nm standard deviationRadiance at 683nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
ABONDANCEAbundanceData set including information on the abundance of a stock
ACCOUPLEMENTCouplingData set including information on the coupling behaviour of a species
ACTIVITESampling activityType of sampling performed within the project
ACTIVITE_BACTERIENNEBacterial activityData set including results of bacterial activity analysis
ACTIVITE_ENZYMATIQUEEnzyme activityData set including results of enzyme activity analysis
ADAPTATIONAdaptationData set including information on the adaptation behaviour of a species
AGEAgeData set including information on age readings
ALGUESAlgaeData set including information on algae
FeedingData set including information on the feeding behaviour of a species
ALKYAlkalinityTotal alkalinity [mmol/m**3]
AMONAmmoniumAmmonium (NH4) concentration [mmol/m**3]
ANADROMESAnadromousData set including information on anadromous fishes
ANALYSEAnalysisType of analysis performed within the project
ATMPAtmospheric pressureAtmospheric pressure [hPa]
ATP_ATPAdenosine triphosphate content (ATP) [mg/m**3]
AUTHAuthorName of the person who first published the name and description of the organism [ ]
BAC_CountsBacteria counts [10**6 cells/L]
BACTERIESBacteriaData set including information on bacteria
BASSIN_LABOTank-LaboData set generated by experiments in tanks room or laboratory
BATHBathymetrySea bottom depth from water surface [m]
BENTHIQUEBenthicData set including information on a benthic environment
BIOLOGIEBiologyBiologic domain
BIOMASSEBiomassData set including information on the biomass of a species
BIOMETRIEBiometryData set including results of biometry analysis
BIOVBiovolumeVolume of cells or organisms (mL)
BNO7NODC CodeTaxonomic code assigned by the NODC (National Oceanographic Data Center)and in use in the last version (7) of this system [ ]/td>
BOUEESBuoysData set gathered through the use of buoys
BPCPCBData set including information on PCB
CAL_Caloric contentCaloric content measured by a bomb calorimeter [cal/mg]
CARACTERISTIQUEBiologic featureCharacterization of biologic data
CATADROMESCatadromousData set including information on catadromous fishes
CDOMCDOMColoured (chromophoric) dissolved organic matter: component of dissolved organic matter measurable by fluorescence [mg/m**3]
CDOMSDEVCDOM standard deviationColoured (chromophoric) dissolved organic matter standard deviation [mg/m**3]
CDWTCalculated dry weightDry weight of organisms calculated from a linear regression [mg/m**3]
CHIMIEChemicChemical type of data
CHLOROPHYLLEChlorophyllData set including chlorophyll measurements
CLASSIFICATIONBiologic classBiologic class of individuals
CMETCollection methodMethod used for sample collection [ ]
CMNTCommentComment [ ]
CMNT1CommentComment [ ]
CMNT2CommentComment [ ]
CNDCConductivityElectrical conductivity [S/m]
CNTRRecord numberLine number in the data file [ ]
COLLCollectorName of the data collector or data custodian [ ]
COMPORTEMENTBehaviorData set including information on the behaviour of a species
COMPORTEMENT_CHALUTTrawl performanceData set including information on trawl performance
CONDITIONS_METEOWeather conditionsData set including information on weather conditions
CONDUCTIVITEConductivityData set including water conductivity measurements
CONTAMINANTContaminantContaminant type
CONTENU_ENERGETIQUEEnergy contentData set including results of energy content analysis
CONTENU_STOMACALStomach contentsData set including results of stomach contents analysis
COTIERCoastalData set including information on a coastal environment
CPHLChlorophyll aChlorophyll a content [mg/m**3]
CRATConductivity ratioConductivity ratio [ ]
CROISSANCEGrowthData set including information on individual growth
CRUSTACESCrustaceansData set including information on crustaceans
DECOMPTE_DE_RAYONSRays countData set including information on fin rays count
DEMERSALDemersalData set including information on a demersal environment
DEMOGRAPHIEDemographicsData set including information on the demographics of a stock
DENSDensityWater density [kg/m**3]
DENSITE_BIODensityData set including information on the density of a stock
DENSITE_EAUDensityData set including water density measurements
DEPHDepthDepth from water surface [m]
DEPH_MAXMaximum depthMaximum depth from water surface [m]
DEPH_MINMinimum depthMinimum depth from water surface [m]
DEPH_NOMNominal depthNominal depth from water surface [m]
DERIVE_LARVAIRELarval driftData set including information on the larval drift of a species
DESCRIPTIONDescriptionDescription of the project
DESCRIPTION_DHABITATHabitat descriptionData set including a habitat description
DIOXINES_FURANESDioxins/furansData set including information on dioxins/furans
DISTRIBUTIONDistributionData set including information on the spatial distribution of a stock
DIVERSITEDiversityData set including information on the diversity of an environment
DOC_Dissolved organic carbonDissolved organic carbon concentration [mmol/m**3]
DOXYDissolved oxygenDissolved oxygen concentration [mL/L]
DPDTDescent rateInstrument lowering rate [m/s]
DRWTDry weightDry weight of organisms [g]
DRWT_M3Dry biomassDry weight of organisms per volume units [g/m**3]
DRYTTemperatureDry bulb temperature [degrees C]
EAUWaterData set including results of water content analysis
ECHINODERMESEchinodermsData set including information on echinoderms
EFFLUENTSEffluentsData set including information on effluents
ELEMENTS_NUTRITIFSNutrientsData set including nutrients measurements
ENTREVUES_PECHEURSFishers interviewsData set generated by interviews with fishers
ERRVError velocityError estimate of measured velocity (ADCP) [m/s]
ESPECES_NON_INDIGENESNon-native speciesData set including information on non-native species
ESTUAIREEstuaryData set including information on an estuarine environment
ETAT_CARAPACECarapace conditionData set including information on the carapace condition of crustaceans
EWCMEast speed (magnetic)East (magnetic) component of current [m/s]
EWCTEast speedEast (true) component of current [m/s]
FECONDITEFecundityData set including information on the fecundity of a species
FFFFQuality codeQuality control code [ ]
FLORFluorescenceChlorophyll concentration from fluorometer [mg/m**3]
FLORSDEVFluorescence standard deviationChlorophyll concentration from fluorometer standard deviation [mg/m**3]
FLU_FluorescenceFluorescence [%]
FORMATData formatData format
GAZ_DISSOUSDissolved gazData set including observations on dissolved gaz
GEARSampling gearEquipment used to sample
GENETIQUEGeneticsData set including genetic analysis results
GLUCIDESCarbohydratesData set including results of carbohydrates content analysis
GRANULOMETRIEGranulometryData set including granulometry analysis results
GSPDGust wind speedGust wind speed [m/s]
HABITATHabitatHabitat type
HAPPAHData set including information on PAH
HAUTEUR_VAGUESWaves heightData set including waves height measurements
HCDTCurrent directionHorizontal current direction (true) [degrees]
HCSPCurrent speedHorizontal current speed [m/s]
HEADHeadingHeading (true) [degrees]
HGHTHeightHeight above sea level [m]
HUMIDITE_RELATIVERelative humidityData set including relative humidity measurements
ICHTYOPLANCTONIchthyoplanktonData set including information on ichthyoplankton
ICOVSea-ice cover IndexPercentage of time with sea-ice presence above the ADCP during a burst [%]
IDENSample identifierUnique sample number [ ]
IMAGES_VIDEOVideo imagesData set including video images analysis results
INDICE_CONDITIONCondition indexData set including information on the somatic condition index
INDICE_GONADIQUEGonadal indexData set including information on the gonadic condition index
INVENTAIREInventoryData set including inventory results
INVERTEBRESInvertebratesData set including information on invertebrates
ISOTOPESIsotopesData set including isotopes analysis results
JUVENILESJuvenilesData set including information on the juveniles of a species
LAGUNELagoonData set including information on a lagoon environment
LATDLatitudeLatitude (north positive) [degrees]
LATD_MAXMaximum latitudeMaximum latitude (north positive) [degrees]
LATD_MINMinimum latitudeMinimum latitude (north positive) [degrees]
LCHLChlorophyll > 5 umChlorophyll a content from cells > 5 um [mg/m**3]
LHISDevelopment stageDevelopment stage of organism [ ]
LIEUGeographic zoneGeographic zone of the project
LIPIDESLipidsData set including results of lipids content analysis
LONDLongitudeLongitude (east positive) [degrees]
LOND_MAXMaximum longitudeMaximum longitude (est positive) [degrees]
LOND_MINMinimum longitudeMinimum longitude (est positive) [degrees]
LONGUEURLengthLength measurement
LPHAPhaeopigments > 5 umPhaeopigment content from cells > 5 um [mg/m**3]
MAMMIFERES_MARINSMarine mammalsData set including information on marine mammals
MAREESTidesData set including observations on tides
MARINMarineData set including information on a marine environment
MARQUAGETaggingData set generated by tagging experiments
MATRICE_BIOLOGIQUEBiological matrixData set including biological matrix results
MATRICE_SEDIMENTSediment matrixData set including sediment matrix results
MATURITEMaturityData set including information on the sexual maturity
MEIKMean sea-ice thicknessMean sea-ice thickness measured during a burst [m]
MESHMeshNet mesh size [micron]
METAUX_LOURDSHeavy metalsData set including information on heavy metals
MIGRATIONMigrationData set including information on the migration behaviour of a species
MILIEUAquatic ecosystemAquatic ecosystem description
MISE_A_JOURUpdate frequencyUpdate frequency of the project
MNSZMinimum sizeMinimum size of organisms [micron]
MODFModifierAdditional taxonomic information [ ]
MOLLUSQUESMolluscsData set including information on molluscs
MORPHOMETRIEMorphometryData set including morphometric analysis results
MORTALITEMortalityData set including information on the mortality of a species
MUEMoltData set including information on the molt
MXSZMaximum sizeMaximum size of organisms [micron]
N2O_Nitrous oxydeNitrous oxyde content (nmol/L)
NECROPSIENecropsyData set including necropsy results
NEUSTONNeustonData set including information on neuston
NIVEAUX_DEAUWater levelsData set including observations on water levels
NSCMNorth speed (magnetic)North (magnetic) component of current [m/s]
NSCTNorth speedNorth (true) component of current [m/s]
NTRANitrateNitrate (NO3) concentration [mmol/m**3]
NTRINitriteNitrite (NO2) concentration [mmol/m**3]
NTRZNitrate+nitriteNitrate + nitrite (NO3+NO2) concentration [mmol/m**3]
NUM_Number of scansNumber of scans averaged [ ]
OBJETObjectiveAim of the project
OCEANOGRAPHIEOceanographic pametersOceanographic parameters
OCUROxygen sensor currentOxygen sensor current [uA]
OEUFSEggsData set including information on the eggs of a species
OISEAUXBirdsData set including information on birds
OSATOxygen saturationPercent oxygen saturation [%]
OTMPOxygen sensor temperatureOxygen sensor internal temperature [degrees C]
OXV_Oxygen sensor voltageRaw oxygen voltage [V]
OXYGENE_DISSOUSDissolved oxygenData set including dissolved oxygen measurements
PARASITOLOGIEParasitologyData set including parasitological analysis results
PARTICULE_EN_SUSPENSIONSuspended particulatesData set including suspended particulates analysis results
PBIOLOGIEBiological parametersBiological parameters
PCHIMIEChemical parametersChemical parameters
PECHE_CHASSEFishing-HuntingData set generated by fishing-hunting activities
PELAGIQUEPelagicData set including information on a pelagic environment
PERTURBATEURS_ENDOCRINIENSEndocrine disruptorData set including information on endocrine disruptors
PESTICIDESPesticidesData set including information on pesticides
PHpHData set including pH measurements
PHA_PhaeopigmentsPhaeopigment content [mg/m**3]
PHOSPhosphatePhosphate (PO4) concentration [mmol/m**3]
PHOTOGRAPHIEPhotographsData set including photographs analysis results
PHPHpHHydrogen ion concentration [NBS scale]
PHT_Total pHSeawater pH (Total scale)
PHY_CountsPhytoplankton counts [10**3 cells/L]
PHYSIQUEPhysicsPhysical type of data
PHYTOPLANCTONPhytoplanktonData set including information on phytoplankton
PIM_Particulate inorganic matterParticulate inorganic matter content [g/m**3]
PLANCTONPlanktonData set including information on plankton
PLONGEEDivingData set generated by diving activities
PLT_Incident lightPercentage of the incident surface light at the sampled depth [%]
PMETEOMeteorological parametersMeteorological parameters
POC_Particulate organic carbonParticulate organic carbon content [mmol/m**3]
POIDSWeightData set including information on weights (body, gonads, etc.)
POISSONFishFish type
POISSONS_DEMERSAUXDemersal fishesData set including information on demersal fishes
POISSONS_DULCICOLESFreshwater fishesData set including information on freshwater fishes
POISSONS_PELAGIQUESPelagic fishesData set including information on pelagic fishes
POM_Particulate organic matterParticulate organic matter content [g/m**3]
PON_Particulate organic nitrogenParticulate organic nitrogen content [mmol/m**3]
POTMPotential temperaturePotential temperature (IPTS-68 scale) [degrees C]
PPHYSIQUEPhysical parametersPhysical parameters
PPR_Primary productionPrimary production obtained by incubation [mgC/m**3/h]
PREDATIONPredationData set including information on the predation behaviour of a species
PRESPressureWater pressure [decibars]
PRESSION_ATMOSPHEREAtmospheric pressureData set including atmospheric pressure measurements
PRESSION_EAUWater pressureData set including water pressure measurements
PROCProcedureIdentifies the state of the sample analysis [ ]
PROFIL_VENTSWinds profileData set including observations on winds profile
PROFONDEURDepthData set including depth measurements
PROTEINESProteinsData set including results of proteins content analysis
PRSNTo completeIndicates presence (1) or absence (0) of organisms if not counted [ ]
PSALSalinityWater practical salinity [PSU]
PSALSalinityWater practical salinity [PSU]
PSARPARPhotosynthetically active radiation (400-700 nm) [uE/s/m**2]
PTCHPitch anglePitch angle [degrees]
PTCHSDEVPitch angle standard deviationPitch angle standard deviation [degrees]
RECRUTEMENTRecruitmentData set including information on the recritment of a stock
RELEVE_ACOUSTIQUEAcoustic surveyData set gathered during an acoustic survey
RELEVE_AERIENAerial surveyData set gathered during an aerial survey
RELEVE_CASIERTrap surveyData set gathered during a trap survey
RELEVE_CHALUTAGETrawl surveyData set gathered during a trawl survey
RELEVE_DRAGAGEDredge surveyData set gathered during a dredge survey
RELEVE_ENGINS_FIXESFixed gear surveyData set gathered during a fixed gear survey
RELEVE_OCEANOGRAPHIQUEOceanographic surveyData set gathered during an oceanographic survey
RELHRelative humidityRelative humidity [%]
REPRODUCTIONReproductionData set including information on the reproduction behaviour of a species
ROLLRoll angleRoll angle [degrees]
ROLLSDEVRoll angle standard deviationRoll angle standard deviation [degrees]
SALINITESalinityData set including water salinity measurements
SANTEHealthData set including information on the health of a species
SDEVStandard deviationStandard deviation of preceding variable [same units]
SECCSecchi depthSecchi depth [m]
SEDIMENTSedimentData set including sediment analysis results
SELECTIVITESelectivityData set including fishing gear selectivity analysis results
SESTONSestonData set including information on seston
SEX_SexSex of organism [ ]
SEXESexData set including information on the sex of individuals
SIGPSigma-thetaWater sigma-theta [kg/m**3]
SIGTSigma-tWater sigma-t [kg/m**3]
SLCASilicateSilicate (SIO4) concentration [mmol/m**3]
SOURCEOriginator of the projectData source
SPARSurface PARPhotosynthetically active radiation at water surface [uE/s/m**2]
SPARSDEVSurface PAR standard deviationSurface PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) standard deviation [uE/s/m**2]
SPFRSample fractionFraction of sample analyzed (0.0-1.0) [ ]
SSALSalinityWater salinity [g/kg or o/oo]
STADE_LARVAIRELarval stageData set including information on the larval stages of a species
STATIONStation nameStation name []
SURVIESurvivalData set including information on the survival of a species
SVELSound velocitySound velocity [m/s]
SYTMTimeDate/time; format: DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS.ss [UTC]
SYTM_MAXEnd timeEnd date/time; format: DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS.ss [UTC]
SYTM_MINStart timeStart date/time; format: DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS.ss [UTC]
TAILLELengthData set including information on lengths (total length, carapace width, etc.)
TAUX_FILTRATIONFiltration rateData set including information on the filtration rate of a species
TAXNTaxonomic nameTaxonomic name of organism or group [ ]
TAXONOMIETaxonomyData set including taxonomic analysis results
TE90TemperatureWater temperature (ITS-90 scale) [degrees C]
TELEMETRIETelemetryData set acquired by telemetry
TEMPTemperatureWater temperature (IPTS-68 scale) [degrees C]
TEMPERATURE_AIRAir temperatureData set including air temperature measurements
TEMPERATURE_EAUWater temperatureData set including water temperature measurements
TERRAIN_MPOField DFODataset resulting from DFO field sampling
THERMOSALINOGRAPHESThermosalinographsData set gathered through the use of thermosalinographs
TICWTotal inorganic carbonTotal dissolved inorganic carbon in seawater (umol/kg)
TILTTilt angleTilt angle [degrees]
TILTSDEVTilt angle standard deviationTilt angle standard deviation [degrees]
TLENBSEQSequential numberSequential number attached to organisms having a given mean total length [ ]
TLENCNTPLength frequencyPercentage of organisms having a given mean total length [%]
TLENCOLLCollectorCollector’s name [ ]
TLENLBINLower bin sizeLower bin size of organisms total length [mm]
TLENQQQQQuality codeQuality control code of organisms having a given total length [ ]
TLENTLENMean lengthMean total length of organisms [mm]
TLENUBINUpper bin sizeUpper bin size of organisms total length [mm]
TOPOGRAPHIETopographyData set including topographic analysis results
TOXICITEToxicityData set including toxicity analysis results
TRANTransmittanceTransmittance [%]
TRB_TurbiditySeawater turbidity (NTU : Nephelometric Turbidity Units)
TRPHTrophic descriptorTerm describing the organism’s trophic position or compartment [ ]
TSM_Total suspended matterTotal suspended matter content [g/m**3]
TSN_TSNTaxonomic Serial Number (TSN) assigned by ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information System). The identifier is unique, persistent, and non-intelligent (i.e., it contains no meaning of any kind) [ ]
TYPEData typeSampled data type of the project
TYPEDONNEESData type descriptionDescription of sampled data type of the project
URE_UreaUrea concentration [mmol/m**3]
VCSPVertical speedVertical current speed (positive up) [m/s]
VDIRWave directionMean wave direction (provenance) relative to true North [degree]
VITESSE_COURANTFlow velocityData set including flow velocity measurements
VSMCWave periodSpectral moment (0,2) mean wave period – T02 [s]
VTDHSignificant wave heightSignificant wave height – Hm0 [m]
VTPKWave spectrum peak periodWave spectrum peak period [s]
VZMXMaximum wave heightMaximum wave height – Hmax [m]
WDIRWind directionWind direction (true) [degrees]
WSPDWind speedHorizontal wind speed [m/s]
WTWTWet weightWet weight of organisms [g]
WTWT_M3Wet biomassWet weight of organisms per volume units [g/m**3]
XENOBIOTIQUESXenobioticsData set including information on xenobiotics
ZOO_CountsZooplankton counts [ind.]
ZOO__M3DensityZooplancton counts per volume units [ind./m**3]
ZOOPLANCTONZooplanktonData set including information on zooplankton